The August number of this able quarterly has been received. Contents: 1. A Hymo and its Author - Augustus L. Hillhouse - by Dr. Bacon. 2. Reflex Benefits of the Clerical Office - a Letter from a Country Clergyman to his depending Brethren, by Rev. Andrew C. Denison. 3. The New Planets, by Prof. Daniel Kirk wood. 4. The Baptists in Connecticut, by Rev. Robert C. Learned. 5. The Fine Arts: their proper Sphere, and the Sources of excellence therein, by George McClelland. 6. The Congregational Polity and a Biblical Theology, by Rev. J. P. Thompson. 7. Constitutional History of Athenian Democracy, by Prof. W. A. Larned. 8. Original Sin: the State of the Question, by Prof. Geo. P. Fisher. 9. A Half Century of Foreign Missions, by Rev. Leonard Bacon, D. D. 10. The Princeton Review on Dr. Taylor and the Edwardean Theology. 11. Discourse Commemorative of Charles Goodyear, the Inventor, by Rev. S. W. S. Dutton, D. D. 12. Notices of Books.

The New Englander #1

The November number of this excellent quarterly contains an article, entitled "Hints about Farming," by Donald Mitchell, Esq. To say that it is in his best vein, is to say enough of it as a piece of composition. His views in the main are sound and comprehensive. On some points we differ from him, and to others we should give much greater prominence than he does. His chief point, however, that mere science, without experience and business capacity, is of little value, is one upon which too much stress can not be laid. The article deserves to be attentively read. We shall copy portions of it hereafter.

The subjects of his discourse are, the "Yale College Lectures" and " Our Farm of Four Acres;" but he does not seem to be aware that the latter has been republished here, and several thousand copies of it sold. The New Englander is published at New Haven, and edited by W. L. Kingsley.