An orchid has lately flowered which is pronounced by Professor Reichenbach to be an entirely new species of Epidendrum. Herr Reichenbach pro-poses that it be called Epidendrum eburne-um, in consequence of the ivory-like appearance of the flower Cottage Gardener.

Soft water for watering plants and other uses is not always at hand. Caustic lime in proportion of one to five - that is, one gallon of lime water to five gallons of hard water - will change it to the condition of boiled water.

Dahlias, as they grow, should occasionally have the leader stopped by pinching off; and as the side branches extend, either bend them down and peg them to the ground, or occasionally pinch them back, and thus make the plant when it comes into flower a mass of foliage and flowers lather than a tall stem supported by a stake, which, however ornamental it may be made, is yet not a part and parcel of floral beauty. Water once a week or more with soapsuds waste.

New Orchid #1

One of the most striking and elegant orchids we have lately seen, and one quite new to us, is Phajus bicolor. It has the habit of P. Wallichii, but the flowers are smaller, more elegant in form, the sepals and petals lanceolate, brownish, the lip pinkish. We saw it lately in bloom at the Jardin des Plantes, and were much struck with its * beauty.- Gardeners's Chronicle.