Parker Earle, at the last meeting of the Illinois State Horticultural Society, thinks that the Flemish Beauty has proved the most generally hardy in the north, and although it blights badly, that it and the Bartlett have given the greatest satisfaction in crops; but the Flemish Beauty entirely fails in health of foliage in most places in the south, and it is rare to find a crop perfectly ripened on any trec; still it often bears immense crops, which in some cases have yielded more profit to the tree, than any other sort, and it is widely, if not largely, planted. The Bartlett is not reliably hardy either north or south, but its great merits of tree and fruit overbalance all its faults, and it is pre-eminently the pear of the State as of the whole country. The Howell is better known in the south than in the north; not often seen north of Alton, but it is well worthy of wide planting, for while it may fail oftener than some others from too early blooming, yet its vigorous and hardy habit as a tree, with the superb nature of its fruit, should place it in every list.

The Belle Lucrative is extensively planted and apparently well adapted to the climate everywhere. It is one of our most prolific bearers, and has few equals in quality ; and it is one of the three or four best in respect to health of foliage ; it is one of the two he would prefer on quince stock, the other being Duchess d'Angoul-erne. This last kind possesses great value for market under favorable circumstances; finds it everywhere regarded as one of the healthiest of trees. It rarely blights in the worst soils ; it bears young and is our largest pear.