We have selected for our present Frontispiece two very beautiful flowers, a Pink and a Picotee, both taken from Turner's Florist. They are both new, and rank as first-class flowers. They afford striking evidence of the improvement which has been effected in this class of flowers during recent years. We have in preparation a plate of American seedlings, which we shall present for the purpose of comparison, as well as to show what we are doing here It is now considered indispensable to a first-class flower that the outline should be circular and the edges of the petals smooth, and the specimens in our plate come quite up to the mark. The Pink was raised by Dr. Maclean, one of the most distinguished amateurs in England. It is described as "reddish purple, broad belt of color, very smooth in the edge, large petal, medium-sized flower," and well deserves its name of Beautiful. The Picotee was raised by Mr. Kirtland. It is named the Rev. H. Mathews, and is what is called a rose-edged Picotee. It is distinct from another of the same class named Rev. A. Mathews. A writer in the Florist thinks the coincidence of names unfortunate; we think as much. It is, however, a beautiful flower, and will no doubt find its way among us.

The color is white, petals large, edged with rose, smooth on the edge. It is a good and constant bloomer.

Pink and Picotee

1. BEAUTIFUL(maclean) 2. THE REVd H. MATHEWS.(Kirtland).

Pink And Picotee 160014