A new promising late fall or early winter apple, originated on the farm of Jacob Stymers, in the village of Dobbs' Ferry, on the Hudson. Specimens were sent me by Dr. James Fountain, who informs me that the young tree came up under an old Spitzenburg apple-tree - the whole orchard being Spitzenburg. Tree, a vigorous grower, rather more upright than Spitzenburg, but resembling it somewhat ; rather tardy coming into bearing; young wood, dull reddish brown, slightly downy.


Fig. 89. - Stymer's.

Fruit, medium size, oblate, inclining to conic; surface, smooth, and nearly regular; skin, yellowish, shaded, striped and splashed with light and dark red (nearly over the whole surface), with some of the splashes dark crimson, moderately sprinkled with light and gray dots; stalk, short and small, set in a large, deep cavity; calyx, closed or partially open, segments short, erect; basin, large, deep, uneven; flesh, fine, whitish, tender, juicy, mild, pleasant, rich, subacid, slightly aromatic, very good, or best quality; core, small; ripe, October to January.