A liberal display of early apples covers our table, two deep, at the moment we pen this, from the nurseries of Ellwanger & Barry; and certainly if such things "can be" in Rochester, they ought to be producible elsewhere.


Benoni, is a nearly round apple, not large, of a deep red skin, and an agreeable-sub-acid flavor which will give satisfaction to most tastes.

Early Harvest

Early Harvest, - the delight of all boys who have ever tasted it, no less than their older friends, - should be cultivated by every one who has an orchard. It does not keep long, but coming so very early it is deservedly a favorite.

Duchess Of Oldenburgk

A September apple of Russian origin, highly esteemed; it is handsomely streaked, and good looking.


A fair apple, with a sprightly and delicate aroma.


Another Russian as its name implies, to which we are inclined to give a high character. The books say, "Succeeds at the North".

Early Strawberry

A small but very handsome fruit, which succeeds the Early Harvest in July. Rich and excellent.


Refreshing, sub-aeid. Good.

Large Sweet Bough

This is a very handsome and attractive apple which we should recommend to every one.

Summer Rose

An early August apple, of fair quality, but deficient in richness.

Red Astrachan

Red Astrachan, needs no commendation at this date. Early Joe, has a taste resembling a pear. September.

Summer Hagloe

Summer Hagloe, a cooking apple of value. If our climate would produce such superb specimens, and it may perhaps if the same care and attention is given as Messrs. Ellwanger and Barry give, they surely are well worthy of trial. The display has been really a great treat in our vicinity, where unfortunately, we have to import our apples at high prices.

Osband's Summer

For an early pear is quite an acquisition and these specimens very superior.