We have just received a large and splendid specimen of this most beautiful of all the Arbor Vitas, and also plants of the Wizard of the North, Admiral, Malakoff, and La Constance strawberries. The Arbor Vitas was put carefully in a barrel, with hoops arched over the top to protect it, and came to hand in admirable order. It was certainly a bright idea, and we are delighted.

Editor oF the Horticulturist: - For the improvement of our horticultural societies, many of which are now holding their exhibitions, I would tike to make a suggestion in regard to their premiums, viz:

Have photographs of the plants, flowers, and designs taken and colored. Give the exhibiter one copy; the society keep one, and sell as many as might be called for, and also to exchange with other societies.

For fruit, have the same, when copies in wax or plaster can not be procured. These would soon form a valuable cabinet; and the sale of the extra copies would soon pay for all.

These copies would bo more highly prized by the exhibiter than money or a medal; as they would represent what he exhibited, which the money, or any thing else, does not.

The exchange of copies by different societies would increase the competition, and enable each society to see what progress they make from year to year.

Yours, etc., Improvement.

[A very good idea; who will make a beginning? - Ed].