There seems to be two seasons of the year in which the strawberry may be planted more successfully than any other, viz., Spring and Fall. When new beds are made in spring, they should not be made too early; wait until the ground has become settled and warmed by the spring rains. Very little fruit, if any, will be had from the plants the first season, so that there is no necessity of being in too great a hurry; only be sure of getting the plants out in time to be benefited by the warm spring rains.

From the first to the twentieth of September is the best time to make a plantation in the fall; and if planted at this time, and well taken care of, they will give a good crop of fruit the next season. Sometimes plantations are made in August, but as a general thing we do not think there is any thing gained in plant-; ing so early, as the plants are not so well rooted; and further, the hot, dry weather which we generally have at this time weakens, if it does not entirely destroy the plants.