I was presented by Wellington Rose, of the United Society, at Hancock with a specimen of wine manufactured from the juice of tomatoes, which so closely resembled old Madeira that it would have troubled an amateur to detect the difference. This wine was of the manufacture of 1851 - so it was two years old. How far greater age would improve it we can not say; but as it is now we think it must be a valuable article for invalids, if we take into account its agreeable flavor and the undeniably great medical qualities of the fruit from whose juice it was manufactured.

The precise process of making this wine we have not fully learned, as the manufacturer claims he shall probably make improvements in the business. When this is done, from his known philanthropy, we have no doubt he will communicate to the public all the facts in the case, and become a greater benefactor to the sick and infirm, not only by furnishing the article ready made but by telling others how to manufacture their own. W. Bacon. - Richmond, Mass.