That dear old periodical, the North American Review, astonishes the world, every three or four months, with news of an extraordinary kind, in which all that is known is ignored. We beg to place side by side the following: -

Design for a partially inclosed Veranda.

Design for a partially inclosed Veranda.

From The North American Review, July, 1857

" The translation of Michaux's great work has quite disappeared. Nuttall's valuable Supplement to Michaux (a most curious monument of persevering zeal and enterprise) is now exceedingly rare, etc. etc. &c".

From The Horticulturist, September, 1857

The translation of Michaux's great work has just reached its fourth American edition. Nuttall's valuable Supplement is now published with Michaux, and sells as fast as it can be manufactured.

A Scottish Pansy Society holds regular exhibitions, and gives premiums with all the gravity of more important concerns. Pot culture under glass is the most certain means of bringing out the many fine points of the Pansy; smoothness is one great desideratum, size being the last point. Average-sized bloom, colors bright, and well defined, of perfect shape, edge, and smoothness, are the considerations with the judges. A Royal National Tulip Show is also an English attraction. Four thousand five hundred dollars were distributed as prizes at the late Crystal Palace Grand Floral Exhibition.

From The Horticulturist September 1857 1200136