The work is very prettily embellished with vignettes and tail-pieces appropriate to the topics discussed. We do not know that we can select a better one than the following: -

"The vignette shows a design for partially inclosing a veranda which was made for J. J. Monell, Esq. The country house to which it belongs is planned on a side hill overlooking a picturesque glen; and the kitchen in the basement being, in consequence, entirely out of ground in the rear facing the garden, these offices were somewhat too freely exposed to view from the ornamental grounds in the vicinity of the house. The simple plan here sketched was, therefore, made and carried out; and as the vines (already grown over the old supporting-posts) were trained to the new trellis-work, and snowed to even better advantage than before, no harm was done in this respect, while a greater degree of privacy was certainly arrived at with bat little sacrifice of light. The sketch is introduced as similar cases often occur, and a little ingenuity can readily arrange new varieties of pattern to embody the same general idea".

With these illustrations to complete our notice, we conclude oar remarks on a work which exhibits much careful study and thought, and one that cannot fail to do credit to the author, who will be the means of embellishing many an American site.