The following, from the London Times, may be of interest to some of our readers: "We are threatened with a cider famine, not from the failure of the apples, although a partial crop, but because they are likely to be applied to a more profitable purpose (so far as the growers are concerned) than in making a household beverage. It seems that the Manchester calieo dyers and printers have discovered that apple juices supply a desideratum long wanted in making fast colors for their printed cottons, and numbers of them have been into Devonshire and the lower parts of Somersetshire buying up all the apples they can get, and giving such a price for them as in the dearest years hitherto known has not been offered. We know of one farmer in Devonshire who has a large orchard, for the produce of which he never before received more than 250, and yet he has sold it this year to a Manchester man for 300. There can be no doubt that the discovery will create quite a revolution in the apple trade".