The following hints are given in the Country Gentleman by J. D. Jones, Jr.:

1. To Prevent The Dropping Off Of Grapes

Make a circular incision in the wood, cutting away a ring of bark about the breadth of the twelfth of an inch. The wood acquires greater size about the incision, and the operation accelerates the maturity of the wood, and that of the fruit likewise. The incision should not be made too deep, and farther than the bark, as it will spoil both the wood and fruit.

2. To Protect Grapes From Wasps

Plant near the grapes some yew trees, and the wasps will so far prefer the yew tree berries as wholly to neglect the grapes.

3. To Preserve Plants From Frost

Before the plant has been exposed to the sun, or thawed, after a night's frost, sprinkle it well with spring water, in which sal-ammoniac or common salt has been infused.

4. To Destroy Moss On Trees

Remove it with a hard scrubbing brush in February and March, and wash the trees with cow-dung, urine and soap-suds.

5. To Prevent The Blight Or Mildew From Injuring Orchards

Rub tar well into the bark of the apple trees, about four or six inches wide, round each tree, and at about one foot from the ground. This effectually prevents blight, and abundant crops are the consequence.