Allow me to recommend to the notice of your readers a variegated form of the Due de Malakoff Abu-tilon which is in every way superior to Thom -sonii. The former has a much larger leaf than that of the last named kind, is more beautifully marbled, a stronger grower, and the flower is much darker in color than that of Thomsonii.

One of the most charming Abutilons, however, and probably the most useful for bedding purposes, especially as an edging plant, to be pegged into form, or to grow down and cover a sloping edge of some nine to twelve inches deep, or as a carpet plant, or for baskets, is Abutilon vexillarium, a real creeping variety, having a habit of growth much like that of ivy. It has small, pointed and richly marbled leaves, that are most effective in color; it is 'also a free-growing kind which can be readily propagated, and is moderately hardy. Those who have large quantities of plants to bed out yearly, will do well to make a note of this variety, which I am certain will prove everything desired, in its peculiar color, for the purposes mentioned. - Garden.