81. Globose Scarlet

Very large, rounded, beautiful light scarlet, very productive, valuable, plant hardy and very vigorous. p.*

82. Crimson Aromatic

Dark green foliage, fruit very large, rounded or obovate, crimson, sweet, high flavor when full ripe, very productive, estimable, p.

83. Prince's Climax

Monstrous size, splendid bright scarlet, some with and some without a neck, pleasant flavor, a showy and beautiful berry, extra, plant very hardy and vigorous. p.

84. Coronet Scarlet

Very large, rounded, beautiful scarlet, excellent flavor, very valuable, extra. p.

85. Imperial Crimson

Large, short cone or rounded, dark crimson, very sweet and good, firm, keeps long, immense bearer. p.

86. Prince's Imperial Scarlet

Monstrous size, conical, sweet, very fine flavor, productive. p.

87. Transcendent Scarlet

Largest of all, dark scarlet, round, often compressed, sweet and good, productive. p.

88. Prince's Black Prince

Large, conical, very dark crimsom, good flavor when full ripe, productive. p. (This and the following are seedlings of the Black Prince)

89. Aromatic Scarlet

Secondary size, conical, dark scarlet, sweet, juicy, very fine, rich flavor, similar to the Black Prince, extraordinarily productive. p.

90. Luscious Scarlet

Dark scarlet, large, rounded, first rate flavor, productive, p.

91. Scarlet Prolific Pine

Rather large, conical, bright scarlet, fine flavor. A seedling of Burr's New Pine, and an improvement p.

92. Saccharine Scarlet

Conical, extra sweet flavor, secondary size, productive, p.

93. Early Prolific Scarlet

Conical, with a neck, secondary size, or rather large, beautiful light scarlet, excellent flavor, exceedingly productive.

94. Diadem

Very large and showy, rounded, beautiful light scarlet, pleasant flavor, remarkably fine berry, extra, plant hardy and very robust. p.

95. Crimson Profuse

Resembles Crimson Cone in size, color, form, and flavor: slight acidity, profuse clusters, none more productive, secondary size. p.

• p. denotes pistillate. H., hermaphrodites.

96. Rubicon

Very large, obtuse cone, dark scarlet, good flavor, large as McAvoy's Superior, and resembles it p.

97. Perfumed Scarlet

Rather large, rounded, light scarlet, highest flavor of all, productive. p.

98. Long Scarlet

Oblong, with a neck, very fine flavor, productive. p.

99. Crimson Prolific

Conical, crimson, sweet and good flavor, extra productive, tall, vigorous foliage and scapes. p.

100. Scarlet Magnate

Very large, rounded, and some berries compressed, rich flavor, productive, vigorous foliage, p.