This is the finest flavored pistillate of our land. The fruit does not exceed the medium size, and. although prolific, does not equal Hovey's in productivesorts - which are adapted for grouping, and which, from their excellence, cannot fail to give satisfaction to those who may cultivate them.

In the flower garden we formerly had annuals, grouped in abundance to adorn, or, rather, disfigure it. These have given way of late to a more beautiful class of plants, which are annually bedded out, such as Scarlet Geraniums, Fuchsias, Calceolarias, Petunias, Ac.; and, with as much propriety, may some of these make way for the grouping in the flower garden, of the more beautiful of the Autumnal Roses; for what can surpass or even equal the dazzling beauty of a bed of Geant des Batailles, Grand Capitaine, etc.; or the magnificence of clumps of Baronne Prevost, La Reine, and Souvenir de la Malmaison, etc.; or the extreme beauty and delicacy of masses of Mrs. Bosanquet, Eliza Sauvage, etc. The following varieties are well suited for this massing system of culture:

Burr's New Pine #1

Tannic acid. - This and the subjoined acids were applied as described under Rival Hudson.


Citric acid.

Malic acid.

June 22d. The quantity, as with the previous fruit, favored the tannic acid. . The citric acid fruit ranked second as to quantity, and first as to average size. The same ladies, in tasting this fruit, again selected the malic acid specimens as the richest flavored, giving the second choice to those of the tannic acid. June 25th. The quantity again sustained the tannic acid. The same gentleman decided in favor of the tannic acid flavor, and preferred that of the malic next.