Jane. There are three or four new varieties of the Scarlet Geranium, far sur. passing the old sorts. We saw this year two at Thorburn's at Astoria, named Cerise Unique, and Princess Alice, which you will find well worth attention. - E. S. Some of the best Geraniums at moderate prices, are "Hoyer's Crusader, Beck's Star, Beck's Rosy Circle, Lyne's Forget-me-not, Lady Clementina, Beck's Rosa-mond, and Topping's Rebecca.

Geraniums #1

Frederick S. If you wish your specimen Geranium plants to blow as early as the first week in May, you should put them in their blooming pots in December, and not stop them afterwards. Those you do not wish to bloom till June, you may keep in small pots through the winter, and re-pot the end of January. In either case, be sparing of water till February.

Geraniums #2

T. Roseson. Those that are shy in breaking after being cut back, (like Orion,) should never be stopped until the pot is well filled with roots, and the plant in vigorous growth. Beck's Aurora is a fine flower in its best state; but it is very uncertain, and on that account scarcely worth growing; besides there are now better flowers nearly of the same character.

Geraniums #3

Enchantress; large, white; top petals clouded with purple; lower petals white; showy.

Beauty of Combe Park, Chepstead Beauty, Cerise Unique, Cottage Maid, King of Nepani, White Unique, etc. &c.

Geraniums #4

The best scarlets are Cybister, Black Dwarf, and Kate Anderson. The best pink are Christine and Wiltshire Lass. The best red are Rebecca and Lady Middleton. The best salmon are H. W. Longfellow and Eugenie Mezard. The best crimson are Rival Stella (this has plain green leaves, and flowers very abundantly; it is every way first-rate), Le Grand, and Crimson Queen. The best white is White Perfection. The following new varieties are splendid in quality, and should be secured as quickly as possible by all cultivators of bedding plants: Duchess of Sutherland, rosy purple; Lady Constance Grosvenor, brilliant orange scarlet; Christine Nosegay, true Christine color, and habit similar to Stella; Warrior, rich scarlet Variegated-leaved Geraniums. - The best white-edged are Flower of Spring and Silver Chain. The best creamy-edged are Variegated Stella and United Italy. The best gold-leaved are Cloth of Gold and Luna. The last-named is richer in effect than Mrs. Pollock, and very much easier to multiply and manage.

For abundant flowering, and tolerably good variegation, Variegated Nosegay is worth having; the flowers are a cheerful rose-pink color.

Geraniums #5

It is not a good plan to wet the roots of geraniums taken up and hung in a dark cellar for winter's keeping. About the middle of March, if they are cut back pretty closely, root and branch, and potted in a light, sharp, sandy loam, and, for want of a frame, placed in the window of the living-room, and given but little water, they will start and make nice plants for out-door planting in May.