A list of the varieties, grown by Mr . Gray, is given in the Report for 1873 of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society:

Of the Golden Triculors, Mrs . Pollock has again proved superior for bedding, and the Silver Tricolors of little value .

Of the Silver Edged, the Albion Cliff has proved the best for bedding .

Of Bronzes, the Moor, Harold, and Reine Victoria, dwarf .

Of Scarlets, the Orbiculatum, Coleshill, Gen . Grant, Kingcraft Leonidas, Sir John Moore; and for darker shades, Douglass Pearson and Wellington,

Of the Golden Leaved, the Crystal Palace Gem .

Of Pink, the May Queen and Master Chris-tine .

Best Geraniums #1

The following is a list named by the American Farmer as really choice: "Jean Sisley is the best and most distinct scarlet geranium in cultivation. Geraniums Gen. Grant and Lucius are good. Gen. Lee (Buist) is an excellent violet. Crimson variety Arthur Pearson is just splendid. Coleshill is excellent. Master Christine, Christine Nilsson, Christine, Heleod Lindsey and Maid of Kent are pink varieties unsurpassed. Mark Twain is distinct and good. So is Blue Bell. Rollerous Unique, London Blue and Macbeth are beautiful in flower and foliage."