Pelargoniums - Tri-Color, Bronze

Early in January the plants should be re-potted. Give them a cool position and but little water until they have become again well rooted. Gradually bring up the temperature in February, and in March let them be placed where they will grow vigorously, being supplied more liberally with water. As soon as they have made shoots, three to live leaves, cuttings may be made.


A very beautiful mottled variety of bright rose and carmine: extra fine.

Pencil Marks

. Mr. Editor : Under the above heading I propose to send you a few occasional thoughts, from time to time, which, though coming to you in ink, I assure you are first thrown off in pencil.


A beautiful deep rose; large, full, and very double.

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society - Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Society was organized by calling C.. Cope to the chair, and appointing CHas. P. Hates Secretary.

The object, as stated by the Chair, to be the election of officers, Messrs. E. Meredith and J. F. Knorr, were appointed tellers; who reported, after balloting, that the following gentlemen received the highest number of votes; whereupon the Chair announced that they were duly elected for the ensuing year:


Vice Presidents- James Dundas, Joshua Lonqstreth, E. W. Keyser, W. D. Brinckle.

Treasurer-John Thomas.

Corresponding Secretary - Thomas C. Perotval,

Recording Secretary - Thomas P. James.

Professor of Entomology - Samuel S. Haldeman, A M.

Professor of Botany - Wiliam Darlingnon, M. D.

Professor of Horticultural Chemistry - Robert Hake, M D.

Pennsylvania Horticulural Society

The stated meeting of this Society was held at Concert Hall, on Tuesday evening, May 20, 1856. R. W. Keyser, Vtee-Presideirt, in the chair. The following awards were made by the Committee on Plants and Flowers: -

Pelargoniums - six plants - for the second best to Thos. Robertson, gr. to B. A. Fahnestock. Specimen Pelargonum - for the best to Chas, Sutherland, gr. to Jno. Anspach. Tulips, out flowers, twelve varieties - for the best to Geo. W. Earl; for the second best to Theodore Walter. Collection of twelve plants - for the best to Thos. Robertson; for the second best to John Pollock, gr. to Jas. Dundas. Specimen plant - for the best to the same; for the second best to Robert Buist Basket - for the best to John J. Habermehl, gr. to J. Lambert. Bo-quete - tor the best pair to the same.

Pennsylvania Pruit Growers' Society

The Annual meeting for 1871, held January 18 and 19,1871, at Chambersburg, Pa., was an eminent success. We had the fortune to be present, and take part in the proceedings. Admirable addresses were delivered by Josiah Hoopes, the President; William Parry on Small Fruits and the Peach; Edwin Salterthwaite on Pears, and other gentlemen on important subjects. The attendance was large and the interest on the part of the citizens was displayed by the generous hospitality which they extended to all. We have not space this month to present a full report, but will print extracts from addresses in the next number.