The stated meeting was hsld as usual, on Tuesday evening; in the Chinese Saloon. The President in the chair. To the numerous visitors in attendance on the occasion, the exhibition assuredly afforded much gratification. Many choice specimens of green-house plants were shown in the collections from four of our best conservatories. Among them a fine plant of the Acacia pubescent in full flower, from Gen. Patterson's house, stood prominent A very well grown specimen of Chorozema verium in rich bloom, was seen in Wm. W. Keen's display, from West Philadelphia. Frederick Lennig's garden exhibited a fine table of Camellias and another of choice plants, Among the Camellias was a plant of the famed Ducea Vtscontea, displaying a beautiful flower and seen for the first time. On the table furnished by R. Bust's foreman, were many choice plants, two of which were not seen before at our meetings, the Epacris candidissima and E. minuata. In Mr. Cope's collection of select plants was a handsome Abutilon Striatum, and a new species, Begonia Alba-coccinea. Cut flowers of Camellias were brought from Mr. BUIST's, Mr. Sherwood's, Mr. Lennig's and others.

Designs and baskets of cut flowers were presented from C. Cope, R Cornelius and R. Kilvington.

Thomas Hancock exhibited fine Easter Buerre pears. Mrs. Surra's gardener, five dishes of pears. M. W. Rob, two kinds of apples, and Robert Cornelius' gardener, three varieties of apples.

On the vegetable tables were to be seen from Mr. Cope's forcing houses - cucumbers, French beans, tomatoes and mushrooms. From Mr. Fisher's-fine cucumbers, mushrooms, lettuce, Ac . From R. Cornelius', many good culinary articles. Tuos. F. Croft presented a fine display of rhubarb.

Premiums awarded were as follows:


For the best six plants to John Pollock, gardener to F. Lenntg ; for the best six cut flowers to Thos. Fairley, foreman to R. Buist ; for the second best, to Isaac Ware, gardener to John Sherwood. Primula sinensis-for the best six plants, to Benj. Gulliss. Plants in pots-tot the best twelve, to Pollock, F. Lennig's gardener; for the second best, to Wm. Gracey, gardener to Wm. W. S. Keen, West Philadelphia; for the third best, to Thos. Fairley, R. BUIST's foreman. Plants in a pot-for the best, the Acacia pubescent, to Isaac Collins, gardener to Gen. Patterson. Plants shown for the first time, a special premium of $2 to R. Buist's foreman, for Epacris minuata and E. candtdissima. Another of $1 to Thos. Meehan, gardener to C. Cope, for Begonia Alba-coccinea. Bouquet design - for the best, to Thos. Meehan ; for the second best, to Thos. Meghran, gardener to R. Cornelius. Basket of cut flowers - for the best to Wm. Hamill, gardener to Mr. Fisher ; for the second best to R. Kilvinoton. And for a beautiful display of hyacinths, a special premium of $2 to Peter Raabe. The Committee specially notice a fine specimen of the Camellia, variety Ducea Viscontea, from F. Lennig's, an Italian variety, and shown for the first time.

Also a plant of Cypripedium acaule, a native, shown by H. C. Hauson.


For the best ten specimens - Easter Buerre, to Thos. Hancock; for the second best, Glout Morceau, to F. GUOIN, gardener to Mrs. J. B. Smith.


For the best ten specimens - Newtown Pippin, to N. W. Roe; for the second best, the same kind, to R. CORNELIUS' gardener.


For the best display of an amateur gardener - to Wm. Hamill, gardener to Mr. Fishes; for the second best, to Thos. Meghran, gardener to R. Cornelius; and a special premium to T. S. Croft for a very handsome display of rhubarb, containing five named varieties.

An interesting ad interim report from the Fruit Committee was submitted, of the objects shown before them since the last stated meeting.

The President appointed the Committees for the ensuing year.

Ordered, That the thanks of the Society be tendered to M. P. Wilder, of Massachusetts, for the gift of a copy of Dr. Harris' Report on Insects injurious to Vegetation, last edition, and the Proceedings and Reports of the Massachusetts Board of Agriculture, - Evening Bulletin.