Plants by R'Buist,-specimen Nurembergia grandiflora; collection of twelve, Cuttleia Mossiae var Camarotis purpurea, Cuphea platycentra, Mussaenda frondosa, Vinea occulata, V. rosea, Polygala dalmasiana, Pelargonium var orion. Specimen Pelargonium, Ytolmskii, six varieties Pelargonia - Jenny Lind, Parodi, Lucille de Belmont, Mary, Ondine, and Sir Harry Smith.

By J. Pollock, gardener to James Dundas, specimen Cuphea platycentra, two seedling Gloxinias, Dendrobium nobilis, D. chrysanthemum, Cypripeduim barbatum; collection of Gloxinias, of twelve - Pelargonium var, Cerise unique, P. ivy-leaved, Allamanda ntriefolia, Tropoeolum tricolo-rum, Begonia insignis, B. nitida, Tetratheca virticillata, Agapanthus umbellatus, Rhododendron hybrida, four varieties; also a collection of six.

By Wm. Thompson, gardener to John Tucker, six Azaleas - Variegata lateritia, Corronata, Iridica var, Symetry, Lateritia cornca and Glory of Sunninghill. Collection of six - Izora cro-cata, Lophospermum bullatum, Pitcairnia undulata, Erica perspieua nana, Pelargonium var and Azalea lateritia.

By J. J. Habermehl, gardener to J. Lambert, twelve seedling Cinerarias. By James Kent, gardener to J. F. Knorr, a large collection of fine Plums, By P. Allgier, Rosea - a dozen hybrid perpetual. By Mark Hill, gardener to M. W. Baldwin, five Pelargoniums and three Fuchsias. By Jerome Graff, gardener to C. Cope - new plants, Erionema amoena and Escallonia macrantha. By W. Linton, gardener to Br. J. Rush - Specimen mussaenda frondosa. By Peter Mackenzie, a new Heliotrope, Beauti du Boudoir. By Alex. Parker, a small collection of Violets, cut Hyacinths and Tulips. By G. W. Earl, fine cut Tulips. By James Ritchie, cut flowers of the new yellow Rose "Isabella Gray." By H. L. Tripler, Ditcorca japonka, the new Japanese Yam.

Baskets and Bouquets, by J. J. Habermehl gardener to J. Lambert, a basket and pair of Bouquets. By Mark Hill, gardener M. W. Baldwin, a basket. By Jeromb Graff, gardener to C. Cope, a pair of Bouquets. By Meehan and Saunders, a basket of indigenous flowers. By Cornelius O'Brien, a basket of indigenous flowers.

Objects Shown #1

Plants - by Thomas Robertson gardener to B. A. Fahnestock; Gloxinias; Fuchsias; Specimen plant Medinilla magnifica; Collection of twelve plants; Display of Gloxinias; and a Fuchsia shown for the first time - the Duchess of Lancaster.

By John Pollock gardener to James Dundas - Collection of twelve plants; eight Fuchsia; Orchids; eight Gloxinias - twelve Seedling Gloxinias; a collection of Fuchsias; Specimen plant - Cuphea platycentra, and Achimenes chireita shown for the first time.

By Robert Buist - twelve plants - New - Gloxinias - Franklin; large rose and Duke of Wellington Lilies - Duke of Sutherland, Nabob and Titian and cut-flowers - fifty-six sorts of hybrid perpetual and hybrid China Roses including new and rare kinds - twenty Moss Roses, and seven Variegated and striped Roses: Gladiolus - Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and Gen. Cavaignac; also a new Japan hardy evergreen Honeysuckle, very fragant; Borne branches producing all white, others Yellow flowers.

By J. J. Habermehl gardener to John Lambert - six plants. By Mark Hill gardener to M. W. Baldwin - eight Fuchsias. By Henry A. Dreer - three Seedling Carnations, six large flowered German Stocks, cut flowers of Salpiglossis Variabilis, new colors and a collection of Seedling Verbenas. By Alex. Burnett gardener to H. P. McKean - Gloxinias. By Thomas Meehan - A new green edged Petunia, Pracht's, "Domocilia" new Whitlavia Grandiflora, collection of Belgian Sasies and cut herbaceous plants.

Objects Shown #2

Plants from M. W. Baldwin's greenhouse: Chrysanthemum var. Galatia, Solundia grandiflora, Clerodendron fallax, Eulopia Mackai, Veronica Andersoni, Daphne indica rubra, and specimen Posoquira longiflora.

From John Anspach. A collection of twelve large var. Chrysanthemums, a collection of twelve dwarf varieties, and specimens of both kinds.

From John Tucker's gr. A specimen of Cuculia gratissima, in fine flower, and very fragrant.

By Alexander Parker. A collection of Chrysanthems and other plants.

A Table Design, a Basket, and various pairs of Hand-Bouquets.

Fruits. From John Anspach's conservatory, Pine-Apples, in pots, three Black Jamaica, and three Queens.

From Jos. S. Lovering's grapehouses. Six pots of Black Hamburg Grapes in pots.

From C. Cope's grapery. Cut bunches of Grapes - twelve Muscat of Alexander, eight West's St. Peters, seven Black Hamburg, and three Chasselas of Fontainbleau.

By Isaac B. Baxter. Fifty Pears - twelve Duchesse, ten Passe Colmar, ten B. Ranec, ten St. Germain, and eight Napoleon; also ten clusters of winter Grapes.

By Saml. W. Noble, Montgomery Co. Apples - sixteen varieties.

By John Perkins, Moorestown, N. J. Apples - ten varieties.

By Thos. Meghean, Mrs. Wetherill's gr. Two kinds of Apples, and one of Pears.

Objects Shown #3

Plant from Gen. Patterson's specimens - Azalea splendens. Collection of six - Mahernia odorata, Azalea coccinea, A. speciosissima, Richardia AEthiopica, Acacia grandiflora, and Forsythia viridissima.

By John Sherwood. New Plants - Azalea ramentacea, Daphne cneorum maximum, D. thymifolia grandifolia, and D. vesculensis.

By Robert Buist. New - Ixora floribunda and Azalea Bride.

By Peter Raabe. A large vase of Hyacinths; also pots of same.

By Theodore Walter. Very fine cut Tulips.