Daphne Indica Rubra

One of the sweetest plants in existence, but rarely found in good health. It requires to be grown freely now. Keep warm and well syringed, and but sparingly watered at root. Soil very porous and well drained.

Tropaeolums, Kennedias, and other climbers should be looked over every day or two, and neatly trained to the trellises, otherwise they will soon become unmanageable. Fill up the lower portion of the trellis well at first.

Encourage growth on summer flowering plants, and shift into the flowering pots, such as fuchsias, clerodendrons, achemenes, gloxinias, torenias, gesneras, Chinese hibiscus, Ac. Always keep one end of the house closed up at this season, and arrange plants that are making young growths in a group, with the smaller ones in the front, on shelves near the glass. Water always in the morning, and keep ft good heat while there is light. If the thermometer does not descend below 35° in the mornings, no fire heat will be necessary.

Daphne Odora Hardy

We are extremely glad to learn by the following extract from a letter from Mr. Thorburn that this plant has they would be. There are still many plants in our green-houses that may be successfully naturalized.

The Daphne odora which I last autumn informed you had stood out all winter in the garden of Mr. Benner. has again proved its robustness, and has flowered this season. I consider this a valuable experiment, as it is making a garden shrub of what was hitherto considered a tender green-house plant, and which is certainly one of the most delicious of all plants in its fragant flowers. Yours truly, G. C. Thorburn. Astoria, May 28,1851.

Darlingtonia Californica

A curious two-horned side-saddle flower, or Sarracenia, one of the plants forming pitcher-like leaves. California.

Darwin Vs. Darwin

A Darwin philosopher was brought before a justice on a charge of drunkenness. In defence, he said, "Your worship, I am a Darwinian, and I have, I think, discovered the origin of my unfortunate tendency. One of my remotest grandfathers was an anthropoid of a curious turn of mind. One morning, about 4,391,633 B.C., he was looking over his store of cocoa-nuts, when he picked up one for his breakfast, in which the milk had fermented. He drank the liquor and got gloriously drunk, and ever after he always kept his cocoanuts until fermentation took place. Judge, then, whether a tendency handed down through innumerable ancestors should not be taken in my defence." Casting a sarcastic look at the prisoner, the justice said, "I am sorry that the peculiar arrangement of the atoms of star-dust resulted in giving me a disposition to sentence you to pay a fine of five shillings and costs."

Dasylirium Acrotrichum

An Asparagineous greenhouse Yucca-like plant, forming a spreading crown of long slender thickish leaves, and producing from the centre an erect flower-stem, about 16 feet high, three or four feet of the upper part of which consists of a crowded series of spikelets, bearing insignificant green flowers. The beauty of these plants lies entirely in their habit Mexico.