You will oblige one of your constant readers, by giving in the next number of the Horticulturist, a description of the Persian yellow rose, and stating what are the points of difference between that and the yellow Harrison. A rose was sent me more than a year since, by the name of Persian yellow, that is rastly inferior both in shspe and fullness to a yellow Harrison, that I have had for some years. Last fall I made the place where it was set, extremely rich with stable manure, and the bush has grown luxuriantly, but there is very little improvement in the blossom since last year. The color, so far as I see. is just the same with the yellow Harrison. I want to know whether there is but little difference between the two roses, or whether I have been cheated in my purchase. M. A. Chapel Hill, N. C, May, '52. The Persian yellow rose is very distinct from the Harrison yellow. The former is a cupped, double rose, beautifully formed, and a third larger than the latter. The Harrison rose is semi-double and expands so as to be nearly flat when full blown. The Harrison has an upright, and Persian yellow a spreading, rather drooping habit. The Persian yellow is a very beautiful free flowering variety, of a pure deep chrome yellow.

From your description of your plant, you have read the Harrison instead of the Persian yellow. En.