The arrangement which we give in the accompanying design, offers a new and convenient plan of a basket, containing the nails and necessary utensils for paling up a garden wall. This basket is of willow, oblong, about 16 inches long and 6 wide: its depth is 4 inches, and it is divided into two compartments. By means of two hooks 3 or 4 inches long, it is adapted to the bars of a common wall ladder, that is to say, to a 10 ft. ladder, the extreme ends of the bars provided with two pins 8 inches long, serving to separate it from the wall. The hooks fastened by iron wire to one side of the basket, necessarily must be so far from the rounds as not to press the foot of the workman. The basket, as may be seen, can be lifted, at will, from one step to another, and it is held, in the gap, between the ladder and the wall, by the projecting pins. It is destined to replace with advantage the semicircular basket, which is now habitually used for the purpose, and which is very troublesome when working on the ladder. - Chardon Reigner, Horticultur rist at Coulommiers, in Revue Horti-cole.

(It is also adapted to another purpose. By connecting an old Champagne basket without the top in this way to ladders, it will be found very convenient for gathering grapes from walls or fruit from trees. - Ed. H).

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