This new household journal, started by the publisher of The Horticulturist, to fill the field for a popular ladies' floral and home journal, has now reached a permanent circulation of nearly 30,000. Its January No. enjoyed an issue of 48,000 copies, to meet the demand for specimens, and also to fill orders from regular subscribers. While most journals have suffered from the effects of the " panic," the Cabinet is doubling its subscriptions this year over last.

This new paper is devoted entirely to flowers for in-door ornament and out-door culture, as well as pictorial, home literature for the family circle. Its title head is an exquisite gem in wood engraving, and pronounced by artists the finest in the world. The entire number is illustrated profusely with engravings, and contains a large variety of popular matter, devoted to home interests. It is the first and only paper in America devoted specially to flower culture, and as it is supported by a more than customary share of business facilities and favorable patronage, the public may expect it will be a permanent and welcome addition to pur list of rural and family periodicals. Issued monthly at the low price of seventy-five cents per year, from the. office of The Horticulturist, 5 Beekman street. Speciman copies ten cents.