ED. Western Horticulturist: There is a great amount of careless writing on the subject of fruit raising, which is causing to the people of the State great vexation and irreparable loss. Our Horticultural reports are full of it. For examples: The Kittatinny Blackberry is recommended - my experience, and the experience of all others I can hear from is, that it is worthless, like all other fancy varieties; our own native being the only kind worth cultivating. I would give considerable to know that I am mistaken on this point, but have no hope that I am.

Again: the Early Richmond Cherry is almost the only one recommended. With us, within the last five years, the Richmond has missed two crops from frost, and one was almost ruined by wet, while I have English Morellos which have borne five years in succession full crops of a finer cherry, we think. It blooms later than the Richmond and escapes the frost. Is there then any comparison as to the value of the two? We need a few Richmonds for early fruit, that is all.

Again: the Lombard Plum is highly recommended. It has never borne but one good crop in this section. It certainly fails to meet its reputation, and we need to bo looking out for something better.

Certainly more caution is needed in recommending fruits for cultivation. In full view of this fact I give the following items concerning small fruits: