The following officers were elected for the ensuing year:

President - HERMAN WENDELL, M. D., of Albany.

Vice Presidents - Henry Vail, of Troy, C P. Williams, of Albany; E Dorr, of Albany; Wm. Newgomb, of Rensselaer.

Secretary - Jos. Warren, of Albany.

Treasurer - Luther Tucker, of Albany.

Managers - B. B. Kirtland, V. P. Douw, L Menand, J. S. Goold, E. Corning, jr., J. M. Lovett, E. E. Platt, W. A. Wharton, Jas. Wilson.

There was a fine exhibition of fruits, green-house plants, and cut flowers. The premiums were awarded as follows:

Premiums - Flowers

For best six plants, of different varieties, in pots, [for Arbutus Andrachne, Erica rubrida, Fuchsia hero, Azalea alba, Cantua cicolor, Acacia floribundia,] L. Menand, Albany, $3. For the best and most beautiful display of cut green-house flowers, L. Menand, Albany $3; second best, V. P. Douw, $2.

Camellia Japoniea

For best display of cut flowers with foliage, James Wilson, Albany, $3. For the best six varieties, [for Miniata, Fordii, Double White, Wilderii, Landrethii, Carswelliana,] E Coning, jr., $2. For best three varieties, [for Carswelliana, Landrethii, Double White,] L. Menand, $1.

Chinese Primroses

Best six varieties, in pots, Mrs. Jas. Goold, $2. Best three varieties, in pots, E. Corning, jr., $3.


Best ten distinct varieties, in pots, J. Dingwall, Albany, $2.

The committee also wish to commend the displays of plants, in pots, of Mr. Jas. Wilson, Joel Rathbone, Esq., E. Corning, jr.. and J. Dingwall, all of whom exhibited choice specimens, showing much skill in growing.

Floral Deigns, Bouquets

Best round hand bouquet, J. Wilson, Albany, $3. Best large flat mantle bouquet, J. Wilson, Albany, $2. Best flat hand bouquets, E. Corning, jr., Albany, $2. Best basket flowers, J. Dingwall, Albany, $2.

The Committee recommend a discretionary premium of $2 to Mrs. J. W. Hinckley, of Albany, who exhibited one large vase and two mantle bouquets of dried grapes, arranged with great taste.


There was exhibited by H. Slack, M. D., of Guilderland, Western Red, Pink Eye and Mountain June potatoes, turnips and Long Blood beets. By J. B. Hutson, cabbages, carrots, parsnips, leeks, celery, and beets, all very fine. By V. P. DOUW, very fine Silesia lettuce. By Jefferson Matell, three varieties of lettuce, very fine. C. E. Goodrich, of Utica, a large collection of Seedling Winter potatoes, of very fine appearance.


For best show of vegetables, to J. B. Hutson, $2. Best half peck of winter potatoes, to Dr. Henry Slack, of Guilderland, $1. The largest exhibition of lettuce to J. Mayell, $1. For best lettuce shown to V. P. DOUW.

The interest involved in the specimens of Seedling Potatoes exhibited by C. E. Goodrich, of Utica, requires more attention and a more careful investigation than the Committee are at this time prepared to bestow, but they beg to return to Mr. Goodrich the thanks of the Society for his exhibition.