Cornfields and vineyards creep along the ancient terraces. In the spring, the hills and valleys are covered with thin grass, and the aromatic shrubs, which clothe, more or less, almost the whole of Syria and Arabia. But they also glow, with what is peculiar to Palestine, a profusion of wild flowers, Daisies, and a white flower called the Star of Bethlehem; with a blaze of wild flowers of all kinds, chiefly Anemones, wild Tulips and Poppies. Of all the ordinary aspects of the country, this blaze of scarlet colors is perhaps the most peculiar, and to those who first enter the Holy Land, no wonder it has suggested the tempting and significant name of " The Saviour's Blood Drops."

The "hill country," as it is called, of " Juda " in earlier, or " Judea " in later times, is the part of Palestine which best exemplifies its characteristic scenery. The rounded hills and broad valleys; the scanty vegetation; the villages and fortresses, sometimes standing, more frequently in ruins, on the hill top; the wells in every valley; the vestiges of terraces, whether for corn or wine

Here, more than elsewhere are to be seen on the sides of the hills, the vineyards marked by their watch-towers and walls, seated on their ancient terraces, the earliest and latest symbol of Judah. The elevation of the hills and table lands of Judah is the true climate of the vine. Stanley.