Will you allow a subscriber to make a suggestion respecting the information wanted by a large class of the readers of the Horticulturist, who like himself, are at a loss for practical instruction on the culture of flowering plants. But few books on the subject are within our reach, and these not adapted to teach floral culture in this climate. A small number of the readers of the Horticulturist possess greenhouses or the means of cultivating plants, requiring artificial heat, yet the common frame is within the reach of most of them. Frame plants when perfectly cultivated are a source of much pleasure. Practical instruction oh the culture of plant in frames, and of the plants most proper tor this culture, would be interesting to your readers; but little on the subject is in your journal - not a word on the culture of the Primula family, and many other fine frame plants. This information may be extracted from English and French works on floral culture. It will require adaptation to this climate by a Skillful florist, and will then he more acceptable to your readers, than many essays which have occupied the pages of (he Horticulturist; reference is not made to those essays unconnected with horticulture, from a desire to censure, for the writer believes the "Horticulturist" has done much to promote and improve horticultural taste in general, and is the best work of its class in the Country; it would be still more valuable, indeed indispensable to many, were it to furnish practical instruction on the cultivation of plants in classes, commencing with plants adapted to small gardens, and continuing the subject until it contained practical instruction on the culture and propa-gation of all the most desirable ornamental plants grown in the open ground, the frame, the conservatory, or the hot house.

Very respectfully, C. Louisville, Ky., April 10,1852. We hope some of the many experienced cul tivators among our subscribers, will assist us in meeting the excellent suggestions of our cor. respondent, by sending us short practical artis cles on the culture of different Classes of plants and trees. ED.