Beauty Of Beechwood

Dark rosy crimson; large, full, and very double; one of the finest varieties yet sent out. (New).

Beauty Of Our American Parks

Mr. Robinson, whose article we refer to in another column, says: "Your public parks, as far as regards design, are not surpassed by those of Europe. I have been much surprised at the beauty of surface of such parks as those of Philadelphia and Baltimore".

Beauty Of Surrey

Margin, brilliant yellow; zone, rich amber, with black shades and bars of bright carmine, small bright green disk; distinct and rich.

Beauty Of Walden

A beautiful soft rosy pink, with excellent guard petal, spike close, and free habit.

Beauty of America Apple

From the description, this must be a good apple for the orchardist. By-the-by, I hear Mr. Elliot is about to revise his Fruit Book this present year. How is it?

Beck's Botany Of The United States

The Botany of the United States, North of Va.; comprising Descriptions of Flowering and fern-like Plants hitherto found in those States, arranged according to the Natural System. With a Synopsis of the Genera according to the Linnaean System, a Sketch of the Rudiments of Botany,etc. By Lewis C. Beck. 12mo, Mus., $1 25; Sheep. I 50.



For THE HORTICULTURIST, Published by C. M. SAXTON, Now -York.


The permanent beds or hills in the open ground were thus prepared, at intervals of six feet from their centres. Circular holes were dug out of trenched ground to the depth of twenty inches and two feet, with diameters varying from two to four feet. No special advantage was gained from the larger diameters. The lower halves of the holes were filled with equal parts of clay loam and fresh manure; the upper halves with the same loam and old manure. A compost was then formed of equal thirds of peudretted muck, (a barrel of Lodi poudrette thoroughly incorporated with a cord of muck) - sand and virgin earth or decomposed turf. This was spread above the filled holes forming hills, about five inches high with diameters of four feet. In previous years ripe-manure was applied instead of poudrette, with less satisfactory results.

Bed Grape

Mr Prince: The London Horticultural Society say it is the Large Red Dutch.

A Bed Of Lilies

By all means plant out a bed of Japan lilies. Select, if you can, a position where when they come into flower you will have to look up rather than down to see the flower; make the ground two feet or more deep, working into it plenty of well-rotted compost manure ; then get the varieties of lily in all their numbers; plant them at distances of about one foot apart each way, setting the bulb in clean sand and covering about three inches deep.

Bedding Pansies

THOSE who have never seen Pansies massed, have no idea of their great beauty. They are thorough wet weather plants, i. e., they are not destroyed by wind or rain, as most bedding plants are ; and not only that, but they are so easily grown. We planted last season about 7,000 different violas. One border, about 400 yards long, and 24 feet wide, planted with pansies and cerastiums, and having a single row of pyramidal-shaped sonale geraniums in pots, at intervals of ten feet, was the admiration of every one who saw it. - Cor, Gard, Magazine.