A Trip To Cuba And The Southern States, N0. 6

"Fair land of Cuba! on thy shores are seen Life's far extremes of noble and of mean; The world of sense in matchless beauty dressed. And nameless horrors hid within thy breast; Ordained of Heaven the fairest flower of earth".

Trollope's Victoria

Very large, frequently 1 1/2 inches in diameter; round-heart shaped; color, brick-red, shining; flesh, solid, juicy, and flavor excellent; not very productive.

Trollope's Victoria #1

Was struck off the list for general cultivation.

Tropical Vegetation

A Panama paper gives a striking illustration of the vigor and rapidity of vegetation in the tropics, by referring to the bushes and trees growing in the ruins of the burnt Aspinwall hotel at Panama. It is scarcely more than two years since this conflagration occurred, and yet there are now growing within the walls trees at least 30 feet in height. They belong to what are called trumpet trees (Cecropia), and the branches are said to be crowding out of the highest doors and windows.

Troth's Early Red

This peach, which is small, round and red. is ready for the market about the time that Hale's Early is nearly gone.

Trouble With The Wilson Early Blackberry

I FEAR this variety will be a failure. I have noticed an enlargement on many of the canes for the last two years. By cutting into it I find there has been a worm going through the heart or pith. I find that the canes die before the fruit is developed, and my neighbors the same. I have noticed nothing of the kind on the Kit-tatinny, or other kinds growing beside the Wilson. The canes are pierced all through from near the top to and into the roots. We have had two very dry seasons; perhaps that cause may have helped the difficulty. D. S. Myers.

Bridgeville, Del.