Hale's Early

This peach is the first to ripen. The fruit is of medium size, nearly round, skin mottled red, flesh white, juicy, and high flavored, but rots badly.

Half Hardy And Tender Rhododendrons

Of the Light Colors (pink, pale rose, blush and white), Lady Armstrong, Stella, Elfrida, Purity, Concessum, Azure-urn, Perfection, Odoratum, Album elegans, Album grandifljorum and Lady Eleanor Cathcart .

For Crimson, Mrs . Milner, Fleur de Marie Alarm, Vandyck, H . H . Hunnewell, H . W . Sargent .

For Blood Red, Atrosanguineum,

For Scarlet, Titian, Mrs, Bovill, Brayanum .

For Lilac, the favorite Ecerestianum and

Fastuosum, both great bloomers .

Half Hardy Plants

W. P. (Auburn, N. Y.) Chinese Azaleas are almost hardy. Messrs. Hogg, of N. Y., keep them in common frames - a box of boards covered with glass- - and the latter sheltered by a few mats in very severe weather. Most of the Fuchsias may be wintered in a pit without heat - especially if the pit is dry and sunk a couple of feet below the level of the ground. We doubt if the Araucaria or Chili Pine will prove hardy with you. IŁ it does, it will only be on very dry, sandy soil. Plumbago Larpenta is found hardy about New-York, in a dry soil and a shaded situation. It bloomed abundantly and was very showy from August to November.

Half Hardy Treks

An Amateur, (Richmond, Va.) All the pomegranates, both fruit-bearing and flowering varieties, will succeed with you if trained on a north wall or building, and the roots covered a foot deep with tan-bark in winter, and tops protected by a double matting. We do not think the Norfolk Island Pine will thrive out of a green-house with you. Cunninghamia sinensis is perfectly hardy south of New-York, and Cryptomeria even north of it.

Entrance Gate.

Entrance Gate.

Half Hardy Treks 70042

Hall's Journal Of Health

$1 year; single numbers ten cents. Address the Editor, Dr. W. W. Hall, 42 Irving Place, New-fork.

The Fireside Monthly, edited by Dr. W. W. Hall, 42 Irving Place, New-York, $1.50 a year, single numbers twelve cents, is devoted to Science, Literature, And Practical Life.

It excludes fiction, and although not intended to bo a religious publication, it will always bo on the side of The Bible, The Sabbath, And Evangelical Christianity.

It is designed to supply a safe, wholesome, and instructive reading for every family, and as such is commended to the patronage of the young, and of every thoughtful parent.

The Fireside Monthly and Raffs Journal of Health will be sent to the same subscriber for two dollars a year.

Halstead's Patent Hoe

Last winter we saw at the American Institute a new hand hoe or weeder, which seemed to us to possess merit, and we recommended that the inventor should be requested to have it manufactured for sale. This is now being done by Messrs. Haines and Pell. We present an engraving, which will give the reader a better idea of the implement than a mere description by words. It can be closed or expanded, and thus adapted to any ordinary width of row. It runs easily, and can be worked by a boy. "We have not given it an actual trial in the garden, but we think it is worthy of consideration. Mr. Halstead, the inventor, is a working gardener, and has used it for some time. We believe he has produced something which will be useful to his craft.

Halstead s Patent Hoe 170024