Cunninghamia Sinensis

Just manages to hold its own year after year; I have little doubt it would thrive planted mainly in sand on an elevation well drained, and in shadow of a pine wood.

Cunninghamia Sinensis #1

So, also, Cunninghamia sinensis, which is perfectly green, and beginning to grow.


Deodars, on the contrary, appear hopeless, except as bushes.


Cephalotaxus, both male and female, as well as Thuiopsis borealis and Cvpres-sus Lawsoniana, are as hardy as our common Cedars, Cupressus macrocarpa, Goveniana, and Knightii are, however, killed to the ground.

The Golden Yew

The Golden Yew seems much hardier than the common English, (T. baccata,) though this stands well, and Taxus adpressa, very pretty and distinct, is equally hardy as either.


Foliis variegatis, hardy. - Funebris, brown above, green below the snow. - Macrocarpa, certainly the most desirable and beautiful of the Cupressi; but, I am afraid, mine is killed to the ground. Wherever the Taxodium Sempervirens will grow, this, I think, will also. - Horizontalis, uninjured.

Cupressus Iawsoniana Ochroleuca

This is a new variety of the beautiful Lawson cypress, having its foliage completely gilded with golden yellow.

Cupressus M'Nabiana. Nat Ord. Coniferae

Th\a beautiful Conifer was raised by Messrs. Veitch, from seeds gathered by Mr. W. Lobb, who found it on the Sierra Nevada of North California, where it forms a bush from eight to ten feet high. It presents a most striking appearance, with green and glaucous scales associated with the deep rich brown of Tamorix gallica on their branches, and shows that in youth and vigor the species must be exceedingly handsome.

Cupressus Macrocarpa, Or Lambertiana

What a pity this magnificent California Evergreen is not hardy! A plant stood ont here some three or four winters, and, though well covered np, was more or less injured each winter until the past, when it was totally destroyed. It is a very rapid grower, throwing out horizontal branches similar to the Cedar of Lebanon, and is of a deep, rich green. Planters in the South, should not overlook this beautiful Evergreen.

Cupressus Thutoides - White Cedar

Avery beautiful native evergreen. Small, flat, imbricated foliage, resembling at a distance the common Arbor Vitae.

Cupressus, Evergreen Cypress

It is but very recently that we have been enabled to introduce this family amongst our hardy Evergreens. They appear to be natives of all parts of the globe, and recent introductions render them very interesting shrubs to the planter. They are best planted on lawns, or as single specimens in the shrubbery, or on the margin of walks. They attain considerable height, and will grow in any good soil.

Cunninghamia Sinensis Or Lanceolata

Cunninghamia Sinensis Or Lanceolata, approaches Araucaria Braziliensis in appearance, but more hardy; requires light, rich soil, and will grow thirty feet high; scarce.

Eleagnus Hortensis, Silvery Oleaster

Eleagnus Hortensis, Silvery Oleaster, a rather tender shrub for this latitude.