Chimaphila Umballata, (Prince's Pine.)

The burning sun inclines us to visit the deep shades of the forest, and there we shall still find new charms. These two species are evergreens, and produce clusters of small reddish white, fragrant waxen flowers.

Chimonanthus Frage

Tour disappointment with this deliciously scented plant is very natural. The English writers place it on all their lists of garden shrubs, and, in England, by training it against a wall, they get the finely scented flowers from November till March. By placing a protection of glass around the shrub here, we have no doubt the bloom might be obtained in perfection; as it is in our own garden, the buds form in great numbers, but are destroyed by the cold of December before the bloom appears. At the South, it would be a most valuable addition to the winter garden. It is a native of Japan; from cheismon, winter, and anthos, a flower; of the order Calycanthaoae, of which our Allspice shrub is an example.

China (Maine) Agricultural Society

President, A. H. Jones. Vice-Presidents, Alfred Marshall, Eli Jepson, Rollin Reed, William Percival, Caleb Jones. Secretary, S. F. Jepson. Corresponding Secretary, James P. Jones. Treasurer, Cyrenius K. Evans. Executive Committee, A. H. Jones, (ex-officio,) Caleb Hanson, J. S. Randall, Eli Jones, Jabez Lewis, Nathan Red-len, Jedediah Doe, Josiah H. Greeley, John L. Gray, Wm. Moshier, C. K. Evans, Wm. Grossman, Moody C. Burgess, Rollin Reed, D. C. Hanson..

The above Society has determined to hold meetings during the winter for the discussion of matters relating to agriculture. A most excellent move.

China Roses

18. Archduke Charles

Light rose changing to brilliant crimson, a profuse bloomer, moderate grower. One of the best changeable Roses. Unique. '

13. Clara Sylvain

Pure white, a superb flower, blooming freely from June till the end of October; moderate grower, suited for a small bed, and the best white for the par-pose. Beautiful.

20. Eugene Beauharnais

Beautiful bright lake, a free bloomer through the summer and autumn. One of the hardiest Roses in this class, as well as one of the best dark varieties, free grower, splendid in a small clump. A charming variety.

21. Mrs. Bosanquet

Creamy white; I have heard amateurs call this "the Wax Rose," from its loveliness; a profuse bloomer from June to November, moderate grower. This Rose appears intermediate between the Chinese and what are called Bourbons. Will form a small clump. If possible, more unique and beautiful than any other variety. A truly splendid Rose.

Chinese Azaleas

All the Chinese Azaleas strike freely by cuttings of the young wood, taken off close to the ripened shoots, planted in silver sand, and placed under bell-glasses, in mild bottom heat. As soon as well rooted the young plants may be potted off in good peat soil, mixed with a rather large proportion of silver sand. When in a growing state a little liquid manure is a great assistance to them. They require a light situation in the greenhouse or pit during winter, near the glass. They may be kept in the house until they have bloomed, but must be allowed a partial shade; many will do almost as well out of doors at the south, and all may be brought out as soon as the flower is past, but placed in a sheltered place. If kept in a cold pit through the winter, they should be brought into the house in February or March to flower.