Cherry Stocks

J. T. (Moundvillc, Wis.) The choke cherry, (C. serotina,) has been used as a stock, but it is somewhat difficult to make the cultivated varieties take upon it. The quality of the fruit is also somewhat deteriorated by the stock.

Cherry Tree Grubs

Push a small wire into all the holes con-taining the grubs, and thus kill all you can. About the first of May, coat overall the trunks and larger branches of the trees affected, or liable to be attacked, with a mixture of soft-soap and tobacco-water, put on as thick as it will work easily from the brush. If you leave it till June, it will be too late - the grub coming out in a winged state then, and depositing its eggs in the bark. The same treatment for the apple-tree borer. Dont prune your apple trees for the mere sake of pruning. If the limbs do not actually interfere, you had better let them

Chester County (Penn.) Horticultural Society

At the annual meeting in March, the following named officers were elected:

President - JOHN RUTTER.

Vice President* - James H. Ball, Amos A. Darlington.

Recording Secretary--Isaac D. Pyle.

Corresponding Secretary - Joseph P. Wilson.

Treasurer - John Marshall.

Chester County Horticultural Society. August 11 Th, 1855

The stated meeting for this month was held in the Society's Hall at the usual hour. Vice President, J. H. Bull, Esq., in the chair.

The display of specimens was very fine, both in quantity and quality. The shows of Achi-mines, Gloxinias, etc., were very creditable to the growers, and the collections of greenhouse plants from the different nurseries were unusually fine.

The display of fruit was poor, with the exception of the several fine plates of Pears and Apples deposited by J. EL Eshleman, M. D.

Chester County Horticultural Society August 11 Th  50083RED ASTRACHAN.


A Childrens Flower Show

In November last several gentlemen in Manchester and Salford, England, formed themselves into a society with a view to encourage a taste among children for the cultivation of pot flowers. They accordingly purchased a number,of plants in pots, and gave them to boys and girls who were likely to be assiduous in cultivating them. The first show of the flowers thus given was recently held, and about 250 children brought their plants for exhibition. The collection embraced tulips, hyacinths, etc., some of which were very beautiful. Prizes of flower seeds were given to the boys and girls whose plants were in the best condition. The idea is certainly a good one.

Childs' Superb Grape

Mr. J. C. Hastings, of Clinton, N. Y., has roots of this very fine Grape for sale. He has forwarded samples of the fruit.

C. B. Richardson, New York, publishes this week a second and enlarged series of "American Historical and Literary Curiosities." By John Jay Smith. Large Quarto.

Allen County Horticultural Society, Fort Wayne, Indiana - Officers: President, J. D. G. Nelson; Vice Presidents, M- W. Huxford, Tbos. Covington; Treasurer, O. W. Jefierds: Secretary, H. C Grey. Organized the present season. Weekly meetings are held for discussion and mutual improvement.