Bear Sir - In your Dec. No. you mention that Dr. Arnott's chimney valve is the best cheap ventilating apparatus. I wish to describe a cheaper and more simple one, invented by my friend Peter Taylor, Esq., of this place, and which has succeeded admirably wherever it has been tried. It can be attached to any stove pipe for less than a dollar, and will ventilate rooms heated by a stove, the pipe from which goes into a chimney in an adjoining room, and to which Arnott's invention could not be applied.

It is simply an elbow of sheet iron, of, say three inches in diameter, attached to the upper part of the stove pipe, with the mouth uppermost near the ceiling; the short leg of the elbow and the long leg of the stove pipe and chimney, forming an air syphon through which the nested air from the upper part of the room rushes with great rapidity and of course cold air replaces

A Cheap Ventilator 60024