Barrelier's Bell Flower (Campanula Barrelieri) is considered by a correspondent of the Garden one of the finest of all dwarf-growing Bell flowers for window culture; and, after trying many others, including C. pulla, C. turbinata, C.fragilis, and others, I have given this the preference. Grown in a pot of rich, sandy earth, it forms a bushy little plant in the spring, while a month or two later its branches elongate, until they hang gracefully over the pot sides, covered with pale, purplish-blue salver-shaped flowers. One of my plants looks splendidly just now, being a perfect mass of flowers. A good potful of this plant makes a capital substitute for a hanging basket; and the flowers show to better advantage when the plant is suspended in the window or on the balcony outside. It is also a capital bracket plant; or it looks well on the window sill, where the shoots can hang down freely. The two best campanulas for the window gardener are, undoubtedly, this and C. pyra-midalisy which are very distinct from each other in habit of growth, and both perfect in their way.