Line the basket with moss, with a little soil attached. Place in the center a small pot, containing a showy plant of upright habit; fill up the surrounding space with rich woods and old hot-bed soil; fill in with plants of a climbing or trailing habit; when the center fades you can replace it by a fresh plant. In filling a basket, select plants of a similar nature - such as like shade and moisture - the Fus-chia, Lobelia, Ivy Geraniums. Ivies, Lina-ria, Panicum, Balms, gold and silver Vinca, Ferns. A basket for a hot, sunny situation should be filled with Coleus for the center; also, Petunia (double), Sedums, Convolvulus minor, Nasturtiums, Begonia, Mignonette, for trailing. A carnation will make a constant blooming centre - a Coleus a brilliant one. Am, Farmer.

A Pure White Abutilon has been introduced into England by Messrs. Standish & Co. of Ascot, from the South of Franee, and has successfully withstood the winter, growing in the open air. It is described as a " fine, bold-leaved variety, blooming with great profusion, and throwing its chaste, bell-shaped blossoms outside the leaves."