A friend, whose lilies are the wonder and admiration of the village, writes The Laws of Life as follows:

"1 keep my lilies growing all summer, set out on the ground near my dining-room door, in somewhat shady places, because I think them such fine plants to look at. I have not repotted mine for five years, but every spring and autumn I dig out some soil and put in new, mostly the black, soft, velvety muck that abounds in our swamps. Let from four to six bulbs live in the same large pot. I used to think only one bulb of either Calla or Amaryllis must occupy a pot. From each bulb I have four flowers in a season, and sometimes more, and treated in this way, my Callas have been in bud and blossom ten months of the year, or from September to July inclusive. When I repot Amaryllis, to get bulbs to give to my friends, I often lose a season's flowering. One that I disturbed last summer has missed its autumn flowering, and the other, not disturbed, has given me four stalks of gorgeous, lily-like flowers.