The following "Caution," which we extract from the London Gardener's Chronicle, shows that all the fools are not on this side the Atlantic. Viotims may gather consolation from this, if they can:

" Some 40 years ago a few Frenchmen opened a shop in St. James' Street for the sale of miscellaneous plants, and amongst other "nouveautes" sold a baronet a "yellow moss" Rose at five guineas a plant Between that time and the spring of 1852 I heard nothing of a similar swindle; but in March of the year just mentioned (in Bond Street) two of these scamps sold a friend of mine a collection of new Roses "vary sheep," as they "most go avay," not one of which was otherwise than the veriest rubbish, - a plant or two of common Moss and red Provins worked on dwarf stocks being the cream of the purchase. This year, in Regent Street, another "Horticul-teur et Fleuriste" has recently commenced victimizing the public, an amateur of some standing having bought there last week "Mousseuse Jaune," at the low price of one guinea a plant I need say no more to convince your readers of the manner in which their pockets will be picked should they venture into this magazine. - C. G. Wilkinson, Western Rose Nursery, Ealing. [We print this; but such warnings are perfectly useless.

The crop of fools is inexhaustible."]

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