The exhibition of the Cayuga County Horticultural Society took place yesterday (Sept 20th) afternoon and evening in Stanford HalL The arrangements of the exhibition were such as to give a good display of all the articles sent in for competition or show. The varieties of flowers, fruits, and vegetables were numerous, comprising, in the fruit line, apples, peaches, pears, quinces, plums, nectarines, and grapes, in their varieties. Of the vegetables, which were of the finest kind, we noticed beans, peas, beets, carrots, onions, celery, tomatoes, cabbages, cauliflowers, potatoes, squashes, pumpkins, turnips, cucumbers, green corn, and sweet potatoes, together with several varieties of melons. In the display of flowers, great taste was exhibited in the arrangement of them so as to show the varieties of Dahlias, Verbenas, German Asters, Pholxes, Petunias, and other flowers of the season. The display of boquets and floral designs was certainly a rich sight; combining with artistic skill all the variegated hues of color. Among the floral designs we noticed a beautiful wheel and a star, formed tastefully with flowers and evergreens, and under these was a floral temple admirably designed, which was the observed of all observers.

Several pyramids of flowers, and numerous large flat and round boquets, were to be seen, evincing no ordinary taste in their arrangement The whole floral exhibition far surpassed in richness the June fair of the Society. We had no means of ascertaining the number of varieties of fruit; there were, however, several kinds of pears and apples, peaches and plums. As curiosities, among the grapes we noticed a piece of vine, extraordinarily prolific, on which we counted sixty bunches. Among the vegetables there were many of mammoth size: a tomato as big as a child's head, and seed cucumbers as large as usual watermelons. There were potatoes raised from the seed, a bearing orange tree, with the fruit partly turned yellow, a stalk of corn 161/2 feet in length, and species of Dutch turnip that grows out of the ground, together with curious looking muskmelons, odd shaped squashes, and enormous cabbage heads. To the ladies of the committee of arrangements much praise is due for their admirable taste and skill in the floral designs and general arrangement of the flowers, which seemed to attract the crowd of visitors.

Although the weather for the last two days had been one cont'nual storm, yet yesterday came off with a beautiful day, as if Nature designed to smile on the efforts made to exhibit her beauties and bounties. The exhibition was well attended both in the afternoon and evening, particularly the latter, when there was a perfect "jam," feasting their eyes on the luscious specimens of fruit, and the rich displays of the floral kingdom, while vegetarians looked with admiration on the array of kitchen edibles. On the whole, this second exhibition of our Horticultural Society has come off with credit and honor to all those engaged. - Auburn Daily Advertiser.

Cayuga County Horticultural Society #1

The Annual Meeting of this Society was held yesterday, and the following named persons were elected officers for the current year:

GEORGE E. BARBER, Auburn, President. P. R. FREZOFT, Auburn; John MoRsE, Aurelius; 0. W. WHEELER, Auburn; JoHN R. PagE, Sennett, Vice Presidents. HoRacE T. Cook, Auburn, Corresponding Secretary. Lewis PaddocK, Auburn, Recording Secretary. JoHN S. ClaEY, Auburn, Treasurer. William Osborn, H. T. Dickinson, L. Q. Sherwood, W. D. Osborn, H. B. Dunning, A. V. Pulslfer, James L. Jenkins, William Cutting, Orrln Benedict, Managers. B. F. Hall, P. R. Freeoff, George E. Barber, O. W. Wheeler, John Morse, Committee on Premiums.