Varieties Of Flowers

These are produced in two ways: first, accidental sports and variations, which, in some cases, are permanent; and, second, by cross impregnation. New varieties of Tulips, Hyacinths, Daffodils, Dahlias, Fuchsias, Geraniums, Verbenas, Ac, are all raised from seeds. Thousands of seedling Dahlias may be grown and flowered, without obtaining even one fine double flower worth saving; the same may be said of all the others.

Oranges will bear without being grafted or budded, but not until well advanced in age, and The LiLY is the Hemerocallis (Funkia) Japonica, or Japan Day Lily - a hardy plant for the garden.

Varieties Of Pear's Not Good For Canning

Richardson & Robbins, who have experimented considerably in canning, say that the Belle Lucrative, Howell, Beurre Clairgeau, Onondaga, are entirely unsuitable. Thus far only the Bartlett, Lawrence, Duchess, Vicar, Beurre D'Anjou and Rutter are esteemed best. The test for pear for canning is, that it shall not be too soft, either on surface or at core, but must be firm enough to cook all through. Pears with good flavor are of no value if their flesh is too soft, yet pears of good, firm grain, without any flavor are also equally undesirable.

Varieties Of Pears That Will Not Grow On Quince

In answer to a question, What variety of Pears will not grow on Quince? I named the following varieties, viz.: Beurre Bosc, Paradise d'Automne, Dix, and Sheldon. These are good sorts, and should be double-worked; and added, that I preferred the White Doyenne or Virgalieu for a stock for that purpose, being very hardy. Belle Lucrative, I Baid, waB one of the best varieties on Quince stocks, while on Pear stock, on our grounds, the fruits were generally inferior.

Varieties Of White Corn

Long Island, Elongated, Canada, Twelve Rowed, Flesh Colored, White Taper, Rhode Island Cap, Giraud's Bergen, Pearl, Virginia, Devereau, Chinese Tree, Oregon, Gourd Seed, Ohio, Small Dent, Rice, Nonpareil.

A Variety Of Breeds

A writer in the Cultivator states that it is a good policy to have several kinds of poultry. The Cochin, Brahma, and Shanghai make good incubators, while for layers the Polands, Golden and Silver Hamburghs, Leghorns, and Andalusian varieties may be relied upon.

Variety Of Mulberry

A new variety of mulberry is mentioned by French journals as having originated in Hungary, with the long and unpronounceable name, Morus alba Fegyvernekiana. The tree itself, however, is not much longer than its name, for it only grows to a height of six feet, and is said to be a dwarf of remarkable beauty.

Vegetation Of Panama

A correspondent of the Ohio Farmer, who is employed by the Government as Geologist and Naturalist to the Pacific Coast Survey, has conveyed to his readers a better account of the vegetation of Panama than the majority of travellers have been able to report, as the following interesting matter will show: -


And now for the fruits. There are Oranges, large, greenish, yellow, thin skinned, juicy and sweet; Limes, which are small; round, green lemons; Lemons like our own; Bananas in the greatest profusion; and the Plantain, a large coarse Banana, which needs to be cooked before it is eaten, to be palatable. The Pine Apples are of the size of the largest we get, bright orange yellow, and delicious, not fibrous nor acid; they can be eaten with a spoon, and require no sugar.