The eleventh volume of the Ohio Farmer will commence January 4th, 1862. Now is the time for our friends to commence making up clubs.

If any man wishes to farm well, or keep the best stock, or do anything in the agricultural line as it should be done, let him read the many and able original contributions to that large weekly paper.

The Ohio Farmer.

If anybody asks you what is the best stock - horses, cows, sheep, swine, poultry, etc. - and would like to know where to procure them, direct them, as the shortest and best way, to The Ohio Farmer.

If you wish to keep posted in reference to the latest improvements in all kinds of Agricultural implements, and where you can buy the cheapest and best - for the best things are always the cheapest - take The Ohio Farmer.

If any one is desirous of beginning in fruit, or vegetable, or bee culture, and wishes to know how to begin, and where to procure the best kinds, take, for one year, The Ohio Farmer.

If anybody wishes to get a volume of good poetry and stories every year, and that well printed, and on clean white paper, let him subscribe for The Ohio Farmer.

If any ambitious housewife wishes to do the best baking and cooking that can be done, and her husband wishes to have it done - if she wants a good cook book every year, and a new edition annually, let her husband, subscribe for The Ohio Farmer.

If you want the fashions, as good as you can get them from Godey, or Le Bon Ton- and especially if you wish to know what is becoming in the country as well as the city, get The Ohio Farmer.

If you know any family that loves good reading, and particularly good stories for children, or wise and weighty proverbs for adults - each year there is a volume of those good things in our paper, and they can all be had by subscribing for The Ohio Farmer.

If you want a complete and reliable daily synopsis of the war news - which, hereafter, will be regarded as a history of this great struggle; sketches of the prominent men connected with it; and all the most valuable war literature, subscribe for The Ohio Farmer.

Last, but not least, if anybody wishes to have one volume of poems, one volume on domestic economy, one volume of household stories, one volume of fashions, one volume of Sunday reading, two volumes on bee culture, two volumes on flowers, three volumes on stock, four volumes on farming and gardening generally, one volume on injurious insects, one volume on draining, two volumes, of miscellaneous matter, two volumes about the war, subscribe for The Ohio Farmer.

Reader, if you wish twenty-two volumes per annum for $2, ($1.50 in small clubs,) subscribe at once for The Ohio Farmer.

For sample numbers, prospectuses, etc., address:


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