The seventh annual fair of the Ohio State Board of Agriculture, comes off at Cleveland on the 23d, 24th, 25th, and 26th of September next, and is open to competition from other States. The premium list is excellent and liberal, and the arrangements making, show that the committee are in earnest, and know what they are about. It would give us great pleasure to be present.

Meehan's Catalogue of tree and shrub seeds, this season, fills a large sheet. It includes a great many seeds that have been long sought in vain by purchasers, such- as the Buffalo berry, Virgilia lutea, Cryptomeria Japoniea, Prince glabra, Wistaria frutescens, Fraxinus qnadrangulata, Halesia diptera, etc. etc. A stamp inclosed and directed to Mr. M., German-town, Penn., will procure it, and any of the articles may be ordered in twenty-five cent papers. Such collectors are public benefactors.

The New Seedling Roses of Mr. James Penttand, Baltimore, are now added to our collection, 'by the kindness of the proprietor. We shall report on them when they bloom.