State Board Of Agriculture, (Ohio)

President, Alexander Waddle. Recording Secre-tary, Hon. T. C. Jones. Corresponding Secretary, J. H. Klippart. Treasurer, John Reber. N. S. Townshend. J. M. Tremble, J. M. Millikin, D. E. Gardener, Win. De Witt, H. B. Perkins, C. W. Potwin.

State Fairs

Iowa, at Oskaloosa, Sept. 28-Oct. 1. Kentucky, at Louisville, Sept 7-11. Competition, except for farm and garden products, open to the world. Illinois, at Centralia, Sept 14-17.

State Island Horticultural Society

The following is a list of officers of this new society: President, Francis G. Shaw; Vice Presidents, Mr. Rainsford, John Thompson, Mr. Mendall; Corresponding Secretary, William Elliott; Re-cording Secretary, William G. Ripley; Treasurer, John Jewett, Jr.

State Or The Vineyards. The Rot

It was stated that this disease had prevailed to a great extent: Mr. NEFF's vineyard, at the Yellow Springs, was almost entirely destroyed; Mr. YEat-MAff had one-third of a crop; Mr. RINTE had lost nearly all by mildew; Mr. HEath had a good show; Mr. Buchanan had lost much by "mildew, less by rot, but should not make 800 gallons per acre. Mr. RERFUSs had little mildew or rot where well drained. In Whiteoak and in Kentucky, there was little damage. On Indian Hill it was very bad. Mr. KinzsBck stated that it was bad up the river; they would make a third of a crop Mr. Ross had not much rot and a little mildew, injured by frost in the spring; he Would average a third of a crop; Mr. WERE, who had no mildew on his widely planted vines, had lost one-eighth by the rot Mr. Buchanan stated that the Venango, or Minor's Seedling, had escaped all injuries - it had no mildew nor rot - Ohio Farmer.

State Pomologies! Convention At Columbus, O

August 31, 1852.

Agreeably to a resolution adopted by the last Ohio State Pomological Convention, held at Columbus, Dec., 1649, it is the duty of the undersigned to make the call for the next session.

Therefore, in pursuance of such duty, and after corresponding with gentlemen in various parts of the state, we hereby request all persons interested in the subject of Fruit Culture, to assemble in Convention at Columbus, on the 31st day of August, 1899.

It is desired that fruit growers not only will bring specimens of fruits ripe at that lime, for exhibition and comparison, but that they will also bring with them notes and observations relative to varieties ripening at other seasons.

Fruits intended for exhibition, or communications therefor, from those who cannot attend in person, may be directed to the care of M. B. Bateham, Columbus.

A. H. ERNST, President J. A. Warder and F. R. Elliott, Secretaries.

Statice Bmrtwellu

A neat half hardy biennial, with spreading sinuated leaves and branching flower steins bearing yellow flowers. Algiers.

The Steadly Peach

S. Miller, of Bluffton, Mo., describes a new peach in the Rural World of October 12th: " It is evidently a seedling of La Grange, which it much favors, yet is ten days later, larger, and I really think better."