Allow me to call attention to the following: - "The system of stripping the bark off the trunks of trees, for the purpose of destroying the insects which infest them, has now been generally applied to a large number in the Champs Elysees and elsewhere in Paris, and has led to the discovery of a curious fact, recently communicated to the Imperial Horticultural Society by M. Robert It appears that trees may be deprived of the whole of their bark, not only without experiencing any injury, but even with considerable advantage, the operation tending to increase their power of vegetation. Elms, for example, which before the operation did not increase more than one or two millimetres in diameter each year, have been fouud to increase four or five when stripped of their bark. Trees having a very thin bark, such as the Birch and others, need not be stripped to obtain a similar result; it is sufficient for the purpose to make longitudinal incisions in the bark by means of a kind of three-bladed scarificator. It is now intended to subject all the young Elms in a languishing state to this treatment throughout Paris, it having answered perfectly with those planted on the fortifications.

In a commercial point of view the discovery is of some importance." The above, if correct, promises most valuable results. - W. C. M., England.

The foregoing having receired some currency in American papers, we publish is to warn all persons against a belief in it. Such a practice must inevitably destroy the trees sooner or later.