We never saw finer bearing dwarf Pears than the present season on the grounds of BissEll & Hooker and of Ellwand & BarRY, of Rochester, & Y. The former showed us several Bartletts in a row, six or seven feet in height, bearing a good crop, and appear. ing in every respect as healthy and thrifty as trees of the same variety standing near them, on Pear roots. Two trees of the Louise Bonne de Jersey presented a beautiful appearance, both from their thriftiness and dense crops of handsome fruit We never saw fruit trees of any kind more heavily laden - an acre of such would certainly afford a large pecuniary profit Ellwanger & Barry have large numbers of fine specimen trees; and although the season has been unfavorable to some, others were handsomely loaded. A small tree of the Tyson, about four feet high, was profusely filled with Pears, and we never saw a more beautiful picture than this graceful little tree with its trusses of ruddy cheeked specimens presented. It is to be daguerreotyped. The Beurre Giffard, on the same grounds, afforded specimens, notwithstanding the unusual season, having all the freshness, juiciness, and high flavor which in former years it has been found to possess.

It ripens before the Tyson and Rostiezer, or about the time of Osband's Summer, and, although much inferior in the vigor and beauty of the tree, is certainly decidedly ahead of the latter in the quality of the fruit This and the Summer Doyenne are the two greatest acquisitions of late years among summer varieties. - Country Gentleman.

Dwarf Pears #1

Some sickly trees, that I have given the best attention for three years previously, without being able to get either good fruit, or healthy foliage, after being watered four times with the solution - of course with the usual intermediate supply of common water - became perfectly healthy and luxuriant, and have ever since, (two years,) remained so.