Some of our Boston friends have united to send us a box of admirably kept Easter Beurres, which, on the 22d May, are as unshrivelled and fair as could be wished. Mr. Eben Wright, Corresponding Secretary of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, at the request of the exhibitor, Mr. D. T. Curtis, forwarded the box, which, with its contents, came in the finest order. Mr. Curtis is the inventor of a process for the keeping and ripening of fruit, which, we believe, he has not yet communicated.

This fruit must have made quite a sensation at the opening exhibition on the 15th of May, which Mr. Wright and others have assured us was decidedly the most satisfactory in contributions, attendance, etc., of any opening fair this successful society has ever held. Mr. Wright adds, "could you see in this vicinity avenues of pear trees on quince stocks in the grounds of Messrs. Hovey, Wilder, or Austin, to say nothing of a host of others, who might be honorably mentioned, as alike successful here, you would not feel the shudder which must have seized you on reading Mr. Allen's article on pears in the May number. Our horticultural community are justly proud of the eminent success which attends the culture of this fruit".

We have seen those avenues and greatly admired them, and hope yet to be convinced that the culture of the pear may be made highly remunerative in other places than Boston.