In May last I received from the Agricultural Division of the Patent Office, the " Chufas or Earth Almonds,' known to botanists under the name of "Cyperus Esculentus," with the following notice of the same :

"It grows spontaneously in the light humid soils of Spain, and is cultivated in Germany and the south of France; If planted in May or June they are ready to be harvested in October. They resemble in taste a delicious chestnut or cocoanut, and like them may be eaten raw or cooked. They are chiefly employed for making an orgeat, (orchata de chufas) a delightful, refreshing drink, much used in Spain, Cuba, and other hot climates where it is known. When mashed to a flour, which is white, sweet and very agreeable to the taste, it imparts to water the color and richness of milk. At Almacero and Albarago considerable attention is devoted to the cultivation of this plant, eight acres of land yielding a profit of $3,500 in five months".

I planted the tubers or bulbs according to the directions accompanying them. They are now growing vigorously, and very easily cultivated, requiring no special care and I have no doubt will be as productive as any vegetable grown in this climate. I hops to have seed enough to plant some two acres of ground next season. It is worthy of cultivation as an ornamental plant. J. V. McCcllough.

Cincinnati, Oct. 1. 1855.