Tree, vigorous and productive; fruit and foliage hang well and late on the tree. Origin, Bethel Township, Berks Co., Pennsylvania.

Fruit small to medium; oblate, a little inclining to conic, slightly angular; sides sometimes unequal, sometimes slightly oblique. Skin, pale yellowish green, somewhat waxen or oily, shaded, splashed, and striped with light and deep crimson over two-thirds its surface; in exposed specimens quite covered with dark red, and pretty thickly sprinkled with light dots, especially around the calyx, a portion of the larger dots having a brown centre. Stalk short and small, set in a rather large and deep cavity. Calyx closed, or partially open; sequents a little recurved; basin rather large and smooth. Flesh, whitish, tender, juicy, with a mild, peculiar, pleasant, saccharine, somewhat vinous flavor. "Very good." Core rather small. Ripe, December to February.


THE EVENING PARTY APPLE. Engraved for the Horticulturist.